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P1 Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) is a unique up-to-date database of all vulnerabilities that are detected by our expert consulting findings.
P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) is a Core Network, SS7 and SIGTRAN vulnerability scanner and security auditor for 2G, 3G and LTE networks.
P1 Compliance and Configuration Checker is a tool for telecom companies who need to enforce security compliance of their Network Element configuration.
P1 Security delivers strong security expertise for Telecom and Mobile operators through training, consulting and vulnerability analysis.

Recent News

P1 Security cited by press as leading security improvement in GRX and GPRS networks

P1 Security is being cited for its leading role in advancing security in GRX in press articles and interviews. In security conferences such as Troopers and HITB Malaysia, Philippe Langlois has since 2011 shown...
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P1 Security at LSM/RMLL 2013 conference

Paris – July 11, 2013 We are pleased to announce that P1 Security was present at the LSM / RMLL (Libre Software Meeting) 2013 conference in Brussels ( P1 Security is committed to...
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P1 Security partners with CheckPoint at LTE World Summit 2013

Paris – July 1, 2013 We are pleased to announce that P1 Security was present with CheckPoint ( at the LTE World Summit 2013, June 24-26 at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. As a leader of LTE...
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P1 Labs

4G Wireshark Dissector based on Samsung USB stick

After having analyzed the Samsung Stick firmware, it was time to make something useful out of it. When first plugged into a linux machine, it appears to be a usb Storage. With the help of usb_modswitch, it is possible to activate the ttyUSB device, as well as the control device....
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Samsung LTE USB stick GT-B3730/B3740 hacking

Samsung LTE USB stick GT-B3730/B3740 Samsung LTE USB dongles codename Kalmia I acquired a couple of GT-B3740 800Mhz LTE Dongle, and decided to open one of them to find out what the chipset was used in it. The very surprizing part was to see that it had a JTAG connector there and...
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Diameter vs SS7 from a security perspective

On a dedicated forum to Diameter, one person asked about the main difference between SS7 and Diameter. While some expert answered on the telecom and protocol aspect, we answered on the security side: From a security standpoint SS7 (and SIGTRAN, its transport over IP) is a legacy...
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