PTF (P1 Telecom Fuzzer) is a Telecom protocols oriented fuzzer using automated fuzzing tests generation & reproducible fuzzing tests. PTF goes deeper into telecom-specific layers and covers much more Telecom protocols than any other fuzzer available on the market.

• PTF allows the fuzzing of HLR IMSI requests with the correct underlying layers (M3UA, SCCP, TCAP);
• PTF allows the fuzzing of SCCP parameters offsets depending on SCCP message type;
• PTF is aware of protocol state machines and adapts accordingly.

Key Features
• Normal Fuzzing.
• Known crash replay.
• User provided corpus (PCAP).
• Reproducible fuzzing.
• Multiple interconnections for parallel fuzzing.
• Fuzzing instrumentation.
• Fuzzing report.
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)

Key Benefits
• Robustness testing of testbed equipment before deployment in production environment.
• Coverage of legacy, current and next generation Telecom equipment and protocols.
• Compatibility with a wide range of Network Elements from multiple vendors.
• Numerous vulnerabilities already discovered by PTF in critical Core Network Elements.
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)