P1 Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) is a unique up-to-date database of all vulnerabilities that are detected by our expert consulting findings.
P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) is a Core Network, SS7 and SIGTRAN vulnerability scanner and security auditor for 2G, 3G and LTE networks.
PTF (P1 Telecom Fuzzer) is a Telecom protocols oriented fuzzer using automated fuzzing tests generation & reproducible fuzzing tests.
P1 Telecom Monitor (PTM) is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) specifically designed for Signaling Core Networks. PTM enables tracking and reduction of signaling network misuse, providing a dashboard of frauds and attacks.

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Recent News


The 3GPP has defined a nice subscriber’s identity protection scheme for 5G networks. This is a way for 5G handsets and terminals (or UE, in the 3GPP terminology) to encrypt the subscriber’s identity...

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P1 Security releases its open-source Python decoder for the 5G NAS protocols

With the introduction of 5G networks, a complete rework of the cellular core network is ongoing, in addition to the introduction of the New Radio stack (abbreviated NR). New network functions are...

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