HITBSecConf 2011 Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Attacking The GPRS Roaming eXchange (GRX)

P1 Security will be presenting at the HITBSecConf on Attacking The GPRS Roaming eXchange (GRX).

In this presentation, we’ll see how GRX/GPRS infrastructure is protected and how it can be attacked. We’ll discover the issues with specific telco equipment inside GRX, namely GGSN and SGSN but also now PDN Gateways in LTE and LTE Advanced “Evolved Packet Core”. We will see the implications of this with GTP protocol, DNS infrastructure, AAA servers and core network technologies such as MPLS, IPsec VPNs and their associated routing protocols. These network elements were rarely evaluated for security, and during our engagements with vulnerability analysis, we’ve seen several vulnerabilities that we will be showing in this speech.

We will demo some of the attacks on a simulated “PS Domain” network, that is the IP part of the Telecom Core Network that transports customers’ traffic, and investigate its relationships with legacy SS7, SIGTRAN IP backbones, M2M private corporate VPNs and telecom billing systems. We will also seem how automation enable us to succeed at attacks which are hard to perform and will show how a “sentinel” attack was able to compromise a telecom Core Network during one penetration test.

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