Hack In The Box 2012: A 15 Year Perspective on Why Telcos Keep Getting Hacked

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10 October 2012 – Philippe Langlois and Emmanuel Gadaix of P1 Security will give a presentation entitled “6000 Ways and More: A 15 Year Perspective on Why Telcos Keep Getting Hacked” at the Hack in the Box conference.

Philippe and Emmanuel will give a broad perspective on the security of critical systems, from the early days of Captain Crunch blue-boxing pranks up to the cyberwar reality of today where the US Air Force is publicly asking for hackers to help them mess with their enemy’s infrastructures.

They will analyze recent incidents and the reasons and the origins of these difficulties. From current LTE and GPON networks to former Frame Relay, X.25 or ADSL infrastructures, attacks of these key systems are related to both mass fraudsters and expert attackers. Trying to solve both with the same methods impose unrealistic constraints and requirements for tools, teams and processes. They will see how some rare operators managed both scalability of detection and finesse in picking up weak signals of expert attacks. Philippe and Emmanuel will also present recent advances in SS7 signalling security and why those techniques could be a game-changer at the strategic level.


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