P1 Security Newsletter: The 6 Best Ways to Secure Your Telecom Network

The 6 Best Ways to Secure Your Telecom Network with P1 Security

Security features are not enough to provide a secure telecom network. From automated vulnerability assessment to telecom security compliance, here are the best ways to prevent, detect, respond to, and resolve your telecom network security issues:
  1. Our Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) is the largest database available on LTE, Diameter, IMS, SS7 and SIGTRAN vulnerabilities. It provides you with a constant feed of new and unpatched security vulnerabilities found by P1 Vulnerability Research Team.
  2. P1 Telecom Auditor is our Telecom scanner that will automatically detect Vulnerabilities in your Network. PTA will run tests against the 460 vulnerabilities that we have today in our Vulnerability Knowledge Base. Together with our Penetration Test Team, this is a formidable way to give an objective and concret Security view on your Network.
  3. P1 Telecom Fuzzer, PTF is our tool that allows you to test your Network Element Robustness. PTF can challenge from the GGSN/SAE GW to MME via MSC and RNC to MMSC. Can your sensitive Network Element resist our Fuzzer? Ask our research team to dissect your Product. We can help evaluate its weaknesses and solve them.
  4. Another great security guard is P1 Telecom Monitor (PTM). PTM is a SS7, SIGTRAN, 3G, IMS, NGN and LTE/4G network intrusion detection (IDS/NIDS) and monitoring system.
  5. P1 Telecom Honeypot (PTH) looks like any Telecom Network Element present on the signaling network. Except it isn’t one. It gives our Incident Response team the capability to check malicious activities in your network.
  6. Finally, our Product Vulnerability Research team has developed an expertise on the Minimum Baseline Security Standards for Telecom Network Element.

Don’t let security issues ruin your network. P1 Security can help you tackle known vulnerabilities; report abnormal behavior and enforce baseline security standards.

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PTA SaaS Remote Audits

PTA SaaS Remote Audits

This service is a fast solution for you. No setup, no appliance, no download, no installation. We use our own SS7 interconnection to audit your network. You get your result typically within 3 days.
Get started with PTA SaaS platform
TS–201 Telecom Security hands”on course with lab testing

TS-201 Telecom Security Training in Dubai

2013/05/27 – 2013/05/29

Join us for a practical SS7 and Telecom security training in Dubai (Read More)
This training provides engineers with an already established knowledge either in telecom or security with strong bases to understand and evaluate security problems within a SS7 and telecom signaling environment.

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P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA)

P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) R2.2 has been released!

Try the new P1 Telecom Auditor

The newly released version of P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) software adds more automation and unrivaled efficiencies to our Telecom Network Security Scanner.

Download PTA R2.2 release highlights here

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Hackito Ergo Sum 2013

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