P1 Security cited by press as leading security improvement in GRX and GPRS networks

P1 Security is being cited for its leading role in advancing security in GRX in press articles and interviews. In security conferences such as Troopers and HITB Malaysia, Philippe Langlois has since 2011 shown several attacks on GRX and GPRS networks.

P1 Security will be hosting a webcast “Updates on GPRS and GRX security” in the light of recent revelations, register here to attend and specify “GRX Webcast” in comment.

Latest Snowden reveal: It was GCHQ that hacked Belgian telco giant • The Register.

GHCQ Targets Engineers with Fake LinkedIn Pages – SPIEGEL ONLINE.

UK spies continue “quantum insert” attack via LinkedIn, Slashdot pages | Ars Technica.


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