P1 Security is one of the very few companies in the World tackling telecom security through pure Telecom Security attacks , such as: SCTP scanning, SS7 attacks, GTP manipulation and fuzzing…

P1 Security offers Threat Intelligence through the converged use of PTM & VKB and their integration into a TSOC (Telecom Security Operations Center). Our researchers have presented studies on SS7 and HLR security and demonstrated how HLR/HSS can be brought down with simple attacks over SS7 networks. They have also shown attacks on the LTE Core using silent compromise of Central Core Network Elements like DRA.

P1 Labs, the R&D branch of P1 Security, is leading the SS7map project (, investigating SS7 networks infrastructures’ exposure and subscribers’ privacy leaks and the Open Source Signaling Firewall for SS7, Diameter filtering, antispoof and antisniff SigFW initiative (

P1 Security is a Vendor independent, neutral Company with established references in Europe, Americas, Africa, Middle East, Pacific and Asia.

P1 Security is recruiting, please contact us.