P1 Telecom Monitor (PTM) is an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) specifically designed for Signaling Core Networks. PTM enables tracking and reduction of signaling network misuse, providing a dashboard of frauds and attacks.
P1 Telecom Monitor is integrated into P1 Security Telecom Security Life Cycle (TSLC) along with P1 Telecom Fuzzer (PTF), P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) & P1 Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) to provide a complete signaling security framework.

Key Features
• Telecom-specific protocols : SS7 MAP, GTP-C and Diameter;
• Telecom-specific attack detection (HLR Request alert, SS7 scanning detection, illegal incoming SS7 messages, SS7 spoofing detection…);
• SIEM integration;
• Vulnerabilities updates;
• Web UI;
• Multi-probes capability;
• Multi-source monitoring capability;
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)

Key Benefits
• P1 Telecom Monitor gives a monitoring overview on Telecom signaling networks.
• P1 Telecom Monitor gives reactive monitoring capabilities on signaling issues & attacks.
• Telecom and Mobile Operators can scan and monitor their signaling perimeter as they do for their Internet and IP perimeters, detecting vulnerabilities before hackers, fraudsters and intruders.
• Risks & Fraud-related costs reduced up to 75%.
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)

PTM Datasheet 2019