With more than 1000 identified & listed vulnerabilities P1 Security Vulnerability Knowledge Base (VKB) is a unique telecom-dedicated Vulnerability Database, with absolutely no other equivalent on the market. It is the result of years of expertise and vulnerability assessments successfully led by our engineers on the Core & Radio Networks & Network Elements of many of the biggest Telecom operators in the World.

Key Features
• A constant feed of new vulnerabilities.
• 0-day vulnerabilities.
• Security recommendations.
• All mobile networks technologies & major protocols.
• SaaS delivered, via your standard web browser.
• Yearly VKB access license.
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)

Key Benefits
• Mobile Protocols Security Overview.
• Quick fixes & long-term security measures.
• Telecom-specific impact measurement: Financial Confidentiality Integrity Availability.
• Impact and threats for an easier evaluation of the risks.
• Updated security knowledge on telecom vulnerabilities.
(List subject to changes following ongoing development)