H2HC conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil: “Attacking SS7 applications”

One step further toward the HLR: Attacking SS7 applications
Event: H2HC
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Date: December 2009

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Philippe Langlois also participated in “Hackers to CSO”, a meeting that brought together hackers, security professionals and CSO, IT decision makers, journalists in order to conduct an assessment of the maturity and current stakes of security in the enterprise in South America and globally.

He also joined the CyberWar panel where he exposed the implication of “Cyber War” in Telecom security. What are the impact of one country, one mafia group, one nationalistic cracker group directing their effort against a Telecom infrastructure? How to defend against malicious SS7 maneuvers coming from a foreign country or foreign company?

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