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Elevate your skills and knowledge in telecom security with our comprehensive online training program. Learn the fundamentals, dive into key concepts, and master practical skills to take your career to the next level in the exciting field of telecom security.


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We combine online access to very strong content and 90min live expert session per training. Allowing for both flexibility and great knowledge transfer.


P1 Security researchers have paved the way in identifying network security flaws. We are uniquely positioned to share how we think about network security and empower your teams.

Up to date

Security is defined by its moving part. From P1 Security other activities, we are at the forefront of network security realities and have our training updated accordingly.


SIGTRAN, SS7, GPRS and GRX technologies focus, attacks against Telecom Network Elements, Architecture, and the design of various 3GPP releases
This online training will help security and telecom professionals get an understanding of the key concepts of 5G, their security, the implementation of such architectures and the impact in terms of related risks.
This three-day onsite training delves into practical 5G security by exercising with real experts on 5G specific pentesting cases.
Gain insight into the evolution of legacy telecom networks into IMS networks, along with the reuse of IETF-based protocols within the IMS context and its associated advantages
Telecom, Mainline and Mobile, Systems and Networks for 4G LTE Mobile Network service focus to understand the security mechanism of LTE and the Evolved Packet Core network security and vulnerabilities.

What our customers say

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Gabriel Chabot

Program Manager

P1 has been a true partner in upgrading our security capabilities, skills and understanding on our mobile network scopes. I am eager to work on 5G with the team.


Asian MNO

P1's expertise in telecom security is truly unique and allows our company to adress the specificity of mobile networks to better serve our customers.

Partnership director

Top cybersecurity firm

P1's provided in-depth expertise on security architecture that we used to draft our security recommendations for the service providers operating in our country.

Network Governance

Asian regulatory agency

Dense, intense but so eye opening and hands-on. I loved the training.

Security Engineer

North american MNO

P1's unique approach of merging technology and really senior expertise allows for a really impactful blend for our security measures after the vulnerability assessments performed on all our protocols.

Security Manager

Middle East MNO