SS7 Workshop at : SS7 and Telecom Core Network Weaknesses, Attacks and Defenses

Philippe Langlois will present a workshop at Hack.LU 2010 conference in Luxembourg on SS7 Security called “SS7 and Telecom Core Network Weaknesses, Attacks and Defenses” on Wednesday 27.10.2010.

In this workshop, we propose to make people practice SS7 message creation, injection and network topology understanding. We will see what kind of vulnerabilities affect SS7 and Telecom signaling networks, how networks are structured and what can be an attack plan on the network. Amongst other things, we will address the case of current attacks performed by a) malicious people with fraud and extortion goals, b) crackers who want to take control of some equipments, c) nation states who want to take control of telecom critical infrastructure for strategic advantages or d) intelligence services who may be interested in silently taking advantage of not well known SS7 structure in order to gain valuable intelligence or perform tactical operations.

This workshop mixes limited theory and practice, using open source tools as well as closed source systems.

Attendees to this workshop must ideally come with their own laptop (Windows or Linux), a good understanding of Networking and TCP/IP. All telecom-specific terms will be explained during the workshop. Max 15 people.

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