Conference at 2011: Denial of Service in Telecom, Banks and Internet Applications

P1 Security will be presenting a conference at 2011 on Denial of Services in Telecom operators and infrastructures, Banks and Internet Applications. We’ll present real world example and new techniques of how DoS is conducted in 2011. This is not about DDoS, botnet and zombies. We will focus on new attacks that target Telecom operators, ISPs, Banks and important applications. Sadly there are many simple ways to take down telecom, banking and internet infrastructure. We will present some generalized approach to these new form of Denial of Service and tools / examples. There will be notably some example of Denial of Service in NGN, LTE Advanced as well as in legacy SS7. Some demo and examples of our QuantSS7 tools will be presented as well as demo of PTA for Availability.


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