Troopers 2012, Heidelberg, Germany: Assault on the GRX from the Telecom Core Network perspective

Heidelberg, Germany, 20th March, 2012 – Philippe Langlois of P1 Security will deliver a talk titled “Assault on the GRX (GPRS Roaming eXchange) from the Telecom Core Network perspective, from 2.5G to LTE Advanced” at Troopers 2012, an IT security event focused on high end security education. Phil will speak on Telco Security Day, an exclusive, closed event that gathers researchers and practitioners from the Telco and mobile security fields.

We’ll see how this infrastructure is protected and can be attacked, and we’ll discover the issues with the specific telco equipment inside GRX, namely GGSN and SGSN but also now PDN Gateways in LTE and LTE Advanced “Evolved Packet Core”. We will see its implication with GTP protocol, DNS infrastructure, AAA servers and core network technologies such as MPLS, IPsec VPNs and their associated routing protocols. These network elements were rarely evaluated for security, and during our engagements with vulnerability analysis, we’ve seen several typical vulnerabilities that we will be showed in this speech.” – Philippe Langlois

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