PTA: new SS7 SCCP spoofing detection capabilities between networks in P1 Telecom Auditor

The lack of filtering of external perimeters is a major source of fraud and stability issues on SS7 networks. Some screening is very rarely implemented, usually on the STP, without any kind of quality assurance on its effectiveness and with very weak validation.

P1 Security announces that P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) now automatically performs SS7 SCCP spoofing detection and audits between network perimeters and across networks, which allows Operators to check that perimeter boundaries are correctly configured.

Typically, a lot of problems come from the lack of filtering, screening and policing between International or National perimeters and the internal signaling networks.

PTA can be used to check if any kind of screening is in place from a national or international partner perspective, and verify that this screening configuration on the STP is correctly implemented.

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