HITBSecConf2013 : LTE Pwnage, Hacking HLR/HSS and MME Core Network Elements

Amsterdam, Holland, 10 to 11 April 2013 – Philippe Langlois of P1 Security will give a presentation entitled “LTE Pwnage, Hacking HLR/HSS and MME Core Network Elements” at the Hack In The Box Security Conference.

During the presentation, We’ll look into specific vulnerabilities, and talk about the very particular way that Network Equipment Vendors deal with security in the telecom domain. We will demo a virtualized Huawei HSS from our testbed and show some of the vulnerabilities and attacks directly on the equipment itself. We will finally talk about telco equipment and product security reviews and the fallacy of (some) certification and (many) standardization attempts. We will then see how to conduct a practical and fast telecom product security life cycle with automation and open source tools.

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