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PTA Version R2.1 Release Announcement

Get a unique and in-depth analysis of your telecom core network security.

PTA Version R2.1 Now Available!

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P1 Security is pleased to announce

that P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) R2.1 has

been released!

The newly released version of P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) software adds more automation and unrivaled efficiencies to our Telecom Network Security Scanner, allowing operators to better assess and analyze security of their core network and signaling perimeters.

New in PTA latest release, Release 2.1:

  • SMPP Testing Module
  • SMSC Audit Module
  • SS7 Based Fingerprinting
  • Interactive GT Network Map
  • Scan Repeatability and Recheck

and also many other enhancements (Diameter support for both LTE and IMS networks, MAP support, scanning capabilities) and performance fixes.

Download the release highlights for version R2.1 here (168 KB PDF file)

The latest version of P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) is already available to PTA SaaS Portal customers:

P1 Telecom Auditor (PTA) is a Core Network, SS7 and SIGTRAN vulnerability scanner and security auditor for 2G, 3G and LTE networks. PTA provides network discovery, security scanning and auditing for LTE, Diameter, IMS, SS7 and SIGTRAN. It enables security and telecom engineers to discover the security level of their network and assess the vulnerability of SS7 network elements. It also provides CIO, CTO, VP of Engineering, decision makers and top management the ability to control the evolution of their core network security using a dashboard of key indicators.

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