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[Hackito Ergo Sum 2014] Hacking Telco Equipment: The HLR/HSS

P1 Security presented at the Hackito Ergo Sum 2014 conference in Paris ( the weaknesses of Telecom Infrastructure systems, and particularly HLR/HSS equipment.

Download slides here.


HLR and HSS are the most important Telecom Equipment in an Operator Core Network.
We are going to see that this so-called “Critical Infrastructure” is not as robust as you could think, by exploring the some weaknesses of the HLR/HSS equipment.

* Virtualization of HLR/HSS, for instrumentation purposes
* HLR/HSS system analysis
* SS7/Diameter network fuzzing
* HLR/HSS binaries reverse

We also did another presentation on Worldwide attacks on SS7/SIGTRAN network at HES.


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