P1 Security Vulnerability Knowledge Base reaches vulnerability #1000 (P1VKB#1000)

The number of referenced vulnerabilities in our unique telecom-specific Vulnerability Knowledge Base has just reached #1000.

This is a very Important Milestone in P1 Security’s research in critical networks security.

P1 Security’s VKB is a rare case of a private vulnerability database that references more than 1000 vulnerabilities.

– It comes from research performed by P1 Labs through human research but also through fuzzing using P1 Telecom Fuzzer (PTF) and automated systems’ analysis.

– It gives a unique view on security of both protocols (SS7, MAP, CAMEL, Diameter…) and systems (OAM, base systems…).

– It helps telecom operators assess vulnerabilities of their equipment and assets.

– It helps regulators and governments assess equipment & guaranty the security of communications and the privacy of subscribers.

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