Webinar: SS7 and Diameter Exploit Delivery Over Signalling Protocols


Join P1 Security and Symsoft leading experts in signaling security and state-of-the-art remote compromise attack vectors on SS7, 4G Diameter and projections in 5G Telecom Signaling for an in-depth study of the latest signalling exploits.

Signaling Exploitation is an attack category resulting in high impact security breaches including taking complete control over Network Elements, allowing remote interception, user tracking, persistent denial of service and traffic modification.

Despite the severity and potential catastrophic impacts of such attacks, detection has until now been difficult and awareness and media coverage has been very limited.

The 45 minutes webinar will:

  • Present the Signaling Exploitation vectors and impacts on SS7, 4G Diameter and 5G
  • Demonstrate advanced exploitation, persistent implant and data ex filtration on SS7 and 4G Diameter Networks
  • Expose the root cause: current security level of Network Element system and software
  • Explain the role of Network Element security Testing in the security chain, for vendors, operators and regulators
  • Take a look at what we can expect from the new 5G networks and how they differ both in design and security posture


Fredrik Söderlund, Software and Systems Security Advisor, Symsoft

Laurent Ghigonis, Security Researcher, P1 Security

Thomas Coudray, Lead Security Engineer and Product Owner, P1 Security


Eric Gauthier, Director Technical Fraud and Revenue Assurance, Orange

SS7 and Diameter Exploit Delivery Over Signalling Protocols Webinar

on October 17, 2018 at 14:00 CET

UPDATE: Slides available:


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