Open5GS at P1 Security

In the course of developing new tools for scanning, fuzzing and monitoring 5G signaling interfaces, P1 Security has been more and more using Open5GS internally. This open-source project, mostly developed by its creator Sukchan Lee (also known as acetcom), works really in a clean and stable fashion, supporting many standard 5G interfaces.

We believe that this is the most advanced open software stack to learn and train with a 5G Core Network. A set of new signaling protocols have been introduced in 5G: NGAP for connection with gNodeB and HTTP/2 for SBA interfaces internal to the core. Those, together with PFCP which is used to control the User-Plane Function and GTP-U to forward and route the user-plane, are all well supported in Open5GS. The functional split between the different main Network Functions is addressed with different binaries running as demon and well integrated into the Linux system. All in all, it makes Open5GS very useful to anyone willing to learn and experiment with a 5G Core. Not to be forgotten that Sukchan, together with few other active contributors, are really keen to always handle reported issues quickly and nicely.

For all those reasons, P1 Security decided to become a sponsor of the project. We hope that it will last for the years to come, being continuously extended and enhanced.

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