P1 Security is recruiting top of the line engineers and hackers

Currently we’re looking for:

  • Experienced Software Engineers (familiar with Agile/XP/Lean;  experience with one of these languages: Ruby, Python, Go, Erlang, C, Rust, Zig, LUA, uses GIT and optionally GITFLOW) (Job position: DEVEXP01)
  • Software/SaaS Product Manager (Job position: PRODUCTMGR02)
  • Reverse Engineers & exploit coder (Windows / Linux / Embedded)(Job position: REVERSE02)
  • Security Researchers (Job position: SECVULNRES04)
  • Security experts for consultancy (Job position: CONSULTSECO3)
  • Telecom engineers (SS7, SIGTRAN, SIP, RAN, GSM/3G, 4G LTE) (Job position: TELECOMENG04)
  • 5G Telecom and Mobile Engineers: 5GC SBA Core, Open RAN, UPF, SEPP (Job position: TELECOMENG05)
  • Junior DevOps: Terraform, Docker, GITOPS, Kubernetes (Job position: DEVOPS02)
  • Security Technical Writer:  Vulnerability Review and Publishing, White Papers (Job position: SECWRITER02)
To apply, please follow the link above or submit your CV in english to

P1 Security is investing in the future

If you’re a student, passionate and willing to learn exciting new technologies, participate in new developments, contact us with a CV or resume to check if an engineering internship position is there for you.
We’re also offering two challenging business internships with our international sales and marketing team, please contact us for more information and guidance on how to apply.