You will integrate the software development team dedicated to the P1 Telecom Monitor product, one of the company’s flagship products. Leader in its domain, PTM is an IDS protecting mobile operators core network. The software needs to achieve strong performance in analyzing complex signaling protocols in almost real-time. This implies supporting big data processing, in a parallel and distributed architecture, while keeping latency as low as possible and a high availability.

Used worldwide by important operators, mastering english communication and international usage is fundamental. Moreover, you may be offered to travel abroad on short missions at customers’ premises.

PTM team is willing to enforce its development workforce with this profile:

  • At least 2-3 years of experience in development
  • Mastering at least one language (C, Lua, Golang, Rust, …)
  • Ease and willingness to adapt to other languages
  • Skilled in Linux environment (user, administration, scripting, software packaging, License differences, …)
  • Skilled in software debugging including network-oriented software
  • Network fundamentals (protocols & materials), trafic generation & capture analysis tools

Ideally, you already know about:

  • Software development processes (waterfall, software project management, scrum, agile, TDD)
  • Experience in a production environment would be a plus: production-grade software, high availability (Six sigmas, 24×7, …)
  • An experience in network programming would be a plus
  • Telecom signaling protocols (SS7, Diameter, GTP, SIP)
  • System & network security (Vulnerabilities, Attacks, False positives, Dynamic Thresholds, Decidability, Coverage grids, Attack Trees, Kills Chains, DFS vs BFS audits, Evasion techniques, DGAs, Exfil, …)
  • Working in a structured project management approach (Scope, reporting, OKR, …)

To apply, please follow the link above or submit your CV and cover letter in english to