All New! PTA 5G

PTA provides network discovery, security scanning and auditing for SS7/SIGTRAN, GPRS/GTP-C, LTE/Diameter and 5G protocol stacks. PTA enables Security and Telecom Engineers to discover the security level of their networks and assess the vulnerabilities of signaling Network Elements. It also provides CIOs, CTOs & VPs of Engineering, decision makers and top management, the ability to control the evolution of their Core Networks™ security using a dashboard of key indicators.

Key Features

* Mission-based or Permanent scanning.
* Telecom Network Elements vulnerability analysis.
* Reliable, repeatable scanner results, clear deliverables.
* Protection methods against DoS.
* Multiple Signaling Point Code support.
* Audit from multiple perspectives (Internal, National, International).
* Coverage of legacy, current and next generation telecom equipment and protocols.
* Compatible with a wide range of Network Elements from multiple vendors.
* SMS interception
* Compliance with GSMA FS.11, IR.82, FS.19FS.20 & FS.21 recommendations

+ SS7 firewall bypass scenarios & Cross-protocol correlation

Cross-Protocol Feature

Cross-protocol correlation =

  • Using several signaling protocols (e.g. SS7/SIGTRAN, Diameter, GTP-C, SIP…)
  • And correlating the results of their messages (e.g. SS7 MAP SRISM – Send-Routing-Information-for-Short-Message + Diameter ULR – Update-Location-Request)
  • to lead an attack towards the network (e.g. targeted DoS on a subscriber)

Key Benefits

* Coverage of Telecom industry protocols and systems that are not tested by other vulnerability scanners.
* Discovery of network vulnerabilities before they are used to commit fraud, invade privacy or create network downtime.
* Reduction of attack surface by reducing the number of exposed Network Elements.
* Metrics to measure your network security.
* Detection of systems™ and network elements™ misconfiguration.
* Quick and continuous identification of vulnerabilities in your systems.

Available Modules

* SS7/SIGTRAN Core Network
* LTE/Diameter Core Network
* 5G Core Network

(List subject to changes following ongoing development)

Supported Protocols

* GTP-C v1, v2
* SCTP, Diameter Base & 3GPP Extensions

(List subject to changes following ongoing development)