What We Do?

  • Landline and mobile telecom devices and networks form a security with scarce skills and a lack of solid technical audits.
  • P1 Security offers solutions for Enterprises, Telecom & Mobile Operators, Carriers, Vendors and Regulators, to verify & monitor their Telecom equipment, protocols & networks the way they already do for their Internet and IP infrastructures.
  • Our assessments are compliant with GSMA Fraud And Security Group (FASG) FS.11 (SS7/SIGTRAN), IR.82 (SS7/SIGTRAN), FS.19 (Diameter), FS.20 (GTP), FS.22 (IMS), IR.88 (Diameter & GTP) and upcoming 5G recommendations (FS.36)

Vulnerability Assessments of Telecom main Core & Access Networks

P1 security vulnerability assessments use the proprietary P1 Security telecom scanner (PTA) to automate the auditing & penetration testing processes. This allows for the effective combination of a proprietary software (PTA) and the associated expertise for analysing results and drafting and delivering the final report. Moreover, the use of PTA makes it possible to minimise the number of days devoted to the project while going deeper into the analysis of the concerned perimeters.

PTA SS7/SIGTRAN CS Core Network Vulnerability Assessments

PTA LTE/Diameter Vulnerability Assessments

PTA IMS Vulnerability Assessments

PTA 5G Vulnerability Assessments

Also available: RAN Vulnerability Assessments, GPRS/GTP-C PS Core Network Vulnerability Assessment…

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