A PTA IMS Core Network Vulnerability Assessment security project concerns an active IMS signaling scanning of an Operator’s IMS Core Network from National Interconnect perspective.

This vulnerability assessment uses the proprietary P1 Security telecom scanner (PTA) to automate the auditing & penetration testing processes. This allows for the effective combination of a proprietary software (PTA) and the associated expertise for analysing results and drafting and delivering the final report. Moreover, the use of PTA makes it possible to minimise the number of days devoted to the project while going deeper into the analysis of the concerned perimeters.

National Interconnect (I-SBC) perspective will be evaluated, depending on allocated man-days and customer’s team availability.

P1 Security recommends doing the IMS Core Vulnerability Assessment most preferably on a testbed network, because many fuzzing and DoS test scenarios have to be tested.

Through use of PTA, P1 Security Proprietary Telecom-specific scanner, this Vulnerability Assessment will cover the following protocols from National Interconnect (I-SBC) perspective:


The tests provide information about potential:

Network discovery, Network Element’s configuration Leak, Subscriber DoS, Network Element DoS, Network Element misconfiguration…

By performing attacks from the National Interconnect segment, vulnerabilities can potentially and indirectly be discovered on the following network elements:

CSCF equipment (P-CSCF, S-CSCF, I-CSCF), MGW