We show your telecom network as any attacker can do. We audit your SS7, GRX and LTE/IMS Diameter network remotely, without any specific port opening or VPN or interconnection setup.

SS7, SIGTRAN, GRX and GPRS networks are most of the time the last, unaudited networks of telecom service providers (TSP), mobile network operators (MNO) and fixed-line operators. ADSL and MPLS core backbones are also often overlooked when dealing with security. It is sometime very hard for the Security teams to convince the Telecom teams to audit these perimeters, these network – SS7 and SIGTRAN specifically – being critical to telecom network production.

This service is a fast solution for you. No setup, no appliance, no download, no installation. We use our own SS7 interconnection to audit your network. You get your result typically within 3 days.

Interconnection free

With PTA Remote (SaaS) SS7 audit, P1 Security shows the Telecom security on demand, hassle free, without any interconnection or connection. This is a full SaaS audit where P1 Security uses its own SS7 and GPRS interconnections.

Since no interconnection is needed, the results comes fast, usually on the next day, and with full and indisputable visibility of the telecom operator network from an external perspective.

Blackbox audits

All these audits can be done in full blackbox mode, without providing any technical information about the target, showing the amount of data that an external attacker can gather and the kind of attacks he can perform on the customer network.

Unique worldwide offering

P1 Security PTA SaaS Remote Audits is a unique proposition, covering wordlwide operators.

Our audit is available within days, usually on the next day of the start of audit.

This fast and on-demand availability of our audit reports can help operator conduct as fast grasp and situation awareness in case of events, awareness raise and reorganization.

Governmental audit

Our PTA SaaS Remote Audit is also available for government security agencies and regulators to check the health and status of their national telecommunication critical infrastructure. This applies specifically in the context of Telecom National Critical Infrastructure Protections plans and regulation.

Graphical representation

Our unique graphical representation of networks show operators and governments a unique view of their telecom and signaling infrastructure, showing exposure of SS7 Point Codes, SCCP and MAP Global Titles, HLRs, MSCs, INs and VAS systems, GPRS, IMS and LTE support infrastructure (GGSN, SGSN, PDN GW), ADSL infrastructure and all related network elements.

SaaS and Service-based

You can get your result in a SaaS fashion or as a service. The benefit of SaaS is that you can have all your team access the same report. The benefit of service is that the full mission is securely handled by P1 Security consultant, giving you perfect service.