P1 Labs is the research arm of P1 Security. We conduct research on many subjects related to telecom and cellular technologies, systems and protocols, mobile devices, environments and platforms, embedded systems, RAN and Core Network interfaces, wireless applications, etc.


P1 Security Research work is based on a diversity of approaches. It is very difficult to know what the arsenal of attackers looks like. Therefore, we try to conduct research with as many different takes on a topic as possible. This is to cover as much as possible the means and techniques that attackers use to compromise and break into our customers’ infrastructures.

In the research team, we:

  • Do research on new cellular technologies, telecom security and Security in general
  • Present interesting results at conferences, partners, GSMA or customers
  • Publish blog articles about telecom and core network security issues
  • Find new vulnerabilities to improve our VKB (Vulnerability Knowledge Base)
  • Develop tools for our specific needs and for the community too, released as Open Source

We are always looking for people with a specific, non-standard, non-linear way of thinking for our Research Team. If you are interested, contact us.

P1 Security R & D

P1 Fast Track

If you have a telecom or security project, be it open source or not, we can finance and support such projects. Contact us and we provide an answer for financing within one week.

Please include in your Email:

  • Project name:
  • Team members emails:
  • Name & Phone number for project leader (in case of additional question)
  • Project description:
  • Open source: YES/NO
  • Funding request: YES/NO and $Amount – Reason/Use

We’ve previously funded some projects relating to software LTE protocol and modulation/decoding stacks, hardware telecom interfaces, NFC attack toolkit, Network Element audit and attack tools.